Feed Off The Arm Zigzag Sewing Machine KD-2156

●Special for sewing Neoprene, Stubby Cooler, Wetsuit, Shoes, Bags, Toys, Caps, Golf Bags, Leather Upholstery, Sofas, Sports Products, Beer Holders, Balls, Children’s Products, Footwear, and other Cylinder Type Products, etc...

●Small Bed, Walking Foot, Large Hook, 1-Step 2-Points, 2-Step 3-Points, 3-Step 4 Points, Automatic Oil Lubrication, Feed off the Arm Type

Product Details

Small Bed Feed off the Arm Zigzag Sewing Machine

KINGLEAD Heavy Duty Walking Foot Feed off the Arm Zigzag Sewing Machine

KINGLEAD Heavy Duty Small Bed Feed off the Arm Zigzag Sewing Machine is widely used for sewing heavy duty thick and rigid materials, various irregular-shaped or tubular products, and various materials of seamless sewing, especially the materials is difficult to process, such as surface smooth, adhesive, flexible, leather and elastic materials, such as Neoprene,  Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Webbing, Kevlar, Vinyl, Leather and Canvas, the large Zigzag width of up-to 10mm and stitch length maximum up-to 5mm combining together to give nice decorative or functional stitching on a wide range of applications. The versatile cylinder bed design guarantees improved material handling on three-dimensional items, such as, bags, gloves, shoes, straps, filters and other such items which cannot be sewn on a standard flat bed machine; Double-capacity hook improves the work efficiency, Automatic lubrication system improves the service life.

This small bed feed off the arm zigzag sewing machine is suitable for sewing various tubular products, especially sports and leather products, neoprene, bags, diving suits, hats, shoes, sofas, tents, gloves, etc... It's with double presser foot top and bottom feed system makes the stitches neatly and beautifully. Adopts large hook, reduce bottom threads change times, greatly improving the sewing efficiency, optional 2-step and 3-step zigzag sewing can enhance the sewing firmness, automatic lubrication, low noise and vibration, easy operation, Cylinder Diameter is only 40mm, Cylinder Arm Length is 230mm.

Application: Neoprene, Shoes, Bags, Hand Bags, Medical Devices, Leather Goods, Sports Shoes, Footwear, Industrial Safety Products, Environment Filter, Car Upholstery, Marine Upholstery, Furniture Upholstery, Caps, Gloves, Sails, Tents, Sofas, Diving Suits, Surfing Suits, Sports Equipment, Toys, Baby Clothes, Backpacks, Cups Covers, Stubby Coolers, Beers Holders, Balls, and other Cylindrical Products. etc...


Model NO.:
Max. Sewing Speed:
Stitch Length:
ZigZag Width:
Presser Foot Lift:
 By Hand: 9mm  By Knee: 13mm
 Large Hook
Needle Type:
 DPx17 14#-22#
 550W Servo Motor
Operating Space:
Packing Size:

KINGLEAD Heavy Duty Small Bed Walking Foot Feed off the Arm Zigzag Sewing Machine

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