Long Arm Single Needle Heavy Duty Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer KD-1510N-L25-7

●Applications for Sewing Leather Sofas, Fabric Sofas, Furniture Upholstery, Car Interiors, Automotive Upholstery, Marine and Aviation Interior Upholstery, Bags, Suitcase, Leather Armchairs, Leather Recliners, Sports Apparatus, Office Furniture, Soft Cushion, Shoes, Sports Products, Car Seats, Leather Articles, Belts, Canvas, Handbags, Outdoor Wear, Overalls, Uniforms, Jeans, etc...

●Long Arm, Automatic Thread Trimmer, 1-Needle, Unison Feed, Walking Foot, Large Vertical Axis Hook and Large Bobbin, Alternating Presser Foot, Hook Safety Clutch Device

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Long Arm Single Needle Unison Feed Walking Foot Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer

KINGLEAD KD-1510N-L25-7 Long Arm Single Needle Unison Feed Walking Foot Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer

KD-1510N-L25H-7 Long Arm 1-Needle Unison Feed Walking Foot Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer and High Arm Operating Space, Height up to 155mm.

KINGLEAD KD-1510N-L25 Long Arm One Needle Unison Feed Walking Foot Heavy Duty Lock Stitch Sewing Machine

KD-1510N-L25H Long Arm 1-Needle Unison Feed Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine with Vertical Axis Large Hook and High Arm Space

Applications: Leather Sofas, Fabric Sofas, Automotive Upholstery, Car Interiors, Shoes, Furniture Upholstery, Car Seats, Leather Bags, Handbags, Safety Belts, Sofas, Jeans, Jumping Castles, Car Covers, Container Bags, Airbags, Leather Car Mats, Tents, Awnings, Umbrellas Handbags, Luggage, Seat Belt, Airbags, Marina and Aviation Upholstery, Travel ware Accessories, Lorry Curtain Sidings, Camping Goods, General Canvas Work etc...

The machine utilizes a new mechanism that does not change the ratio of the alternate vertical movement of the walking foot and presser foot, even when the material thickness changes. The mechanism helps prevent slippage between the upper and lower materials even when a heavy material is used. The standard 1-needle type machine that delivers the basic functions and performance best suited to the sewing of heavy materials; The stitch length can be easily selected by the stitch dial; The machine is provided with many improved features that offer enhanced operate such as an easy-to-observe area around the needle, placement of the bobbin winder on the front face of the machine arm, and a large hand wheel (160); The machine is full-open-type top design makes it possible to fully open the top of the machine arm. Thanks to this design, adjusting works can be done without tilting the machine head; The machine is equipped as standard with a safety clutch for preventing hook breakage.


Model NO.:
Operating Space:
Max. Sewing Speed:
Stitch Length:
Presser Foot:
 By Hand: 9mm, By Knee: 16mm
Needle Bar Stroke:
Thread Take-up Lever Stroke:
Needle Type:
 DPx17 19#-23#
 Vertical-Axis Large Hook
 Automatic Lubricated
Safety Clutch Device:

KINGLEAD Long Arm Single Needle Compound Feed Walking Foot Heavy Duty Lockstitch Sewing Machine with Automatic Thread Trimmer