Double Needle Moccasin Sewing Machine KD-204-102

‚óŹApplications for Moccasin Shoes, Boots, Shoes Uppers, Cording Stitching, Leather Bags, Suitcase, Shoes, Footwear, Leisure Shoes, Bags can Cases, Leather Sofas, Furniture Upholstery, Leather Sofas, Auto Upholstery, Marine Upholstery, Luggage, Jeans, Tents, Fabric Sofas, Backpacks, Travelling Bags, Toys, Outdoor Shoes, etc...

‚óŹDouble Needle, Flat Presser Foot or Roller Presser Foot, Cording Moccasin Stitching, Extra Heavy Duty, with Large Barrel Shuttle Hook

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Double Needle Moccasin Sewing Machine

KINGLEAD Double Needle Roller Feed Moccasin Stitching Sewing Machine, Cording Moccasin Stitching Machine, Double Needle Flat Presser Foot Moccasin Stitch Sewing Machine, with Cording Stitching, Heavy duty flatbed twin needle leather sewing machine for moccasin stitch, with flat presser foot or roller presser foot.

Normal Moccasin Stitch or Cord-insert Moccasin Stitch, Roller Presser Foot and Flat Presser Foot are available for different sewing operations.

Application: Shoes Uppers, Footwear, Moccasin Shoes, Boots, Sports Shoes, Bags and Cases, Leather Products, Marine Upholstery, Leather Sofas and Furniture, Marine Upholstery, Luggage, Suitcases, Leather bags, Canvas, Backpacks, Automotive Interior Trims, adn Heavy duty fabrics, such as Jeans, Sunshade, Tents and Fabric sofas, Outdoor Shoes, Sports Shoes, Leisure Shoes, Sleeping Bags, etc...

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Suitable for sewing heavy weight materials such as Canvas, Vinyl, Leather, Synthetics and Various Coated, Laminated and Rubberized Fabrics.

Appropriate for use in Upholstery, Footwear, Leather, Canvas Industries.

Features: Double needle, extra heavy duty flatbed moccasin stitch sewing machine with large barrel shuttle hook, flat presser foot or roller presser foot, Specially designed for manufacturing various widths and sizes cord as required by the footwear trade, for fashionable finishes on footwear and by the leather ware trade, for adding attractive finishes to bags and cases of all kinds. This Flat Bed Heavy Duty Double Needle Moccasin Stitch Sewing Machine can process thick sewing threads up to Nm 8/3 or braided thread up to a thickness of 1.2 mm can be processed due to the large Barrel shuttle hook, Up to 12 mm long stitches for moccasin decorative top stitching seams, Roller presser foot and flat presser foot are available for different sewing operations, Different needle gauges 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 6.35mm,7.5mm are available, even 9.5mm needle gauge set specially for furniture industry can be also customized.

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Model Number:


Max. Sewing Speed:


Stitch Length:


Needle Bar Stroke:


Thread Take-up Lever Stroke:


Operating Space:


Presser Foot Life:

 By Hand: 10mm   By Knee: 15mm


 Large Barrel Shuttle Hook

Needle Type:

 DYx3 21#-28#


 750W Servo Motor



KINGLEAD Flat Bed Double Needle Moccasin Sewing Machine

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