Cylinder Bed Sole Border Stitching Machine KD-205

●Mainly used for Sole Border Stitching on Shoes, Sandals, Slippers, Boots, Also suitable for sewing Golf Bags, Luggage Case, Baseball Gloves, Safety Belts, Tents, Seats, Leather Belts, Visors, Case and Bags, Shoes, Suitcase Handles, all kinds of Shoes, Industrial Bags, Saddles, Harness, Filters, Furniture Upholstery, Leather Goods, Toys, Knapsacks, Police Hat Visors, etc...

●Single Needle, Cylinder Arm, Top and Bottom Feed, Single Presser Foot, Large Shuttle Hook, Large Bobbin, Narrow sewing parts are particular for stitching small borders.

Product Details

Cylinder Bed Sole Border Stitching Machine

KINGLEAD Cylinder Bed Heavy Duty Walking Foot Leather Sewing Machine to Stitch Narrow Borders, with tape binder for heavy tape binding operation on shoes and handbags, pneumatic presser foot lift is available as an option. Sole Stitching Machine, Cylinder Bed Top and Bottom Feed Single Presser Foot Sole Border Stitching Machine.

Applications: Shoe Sole Border, Sandals, Slippers, Boots, Handbags, Suitcase, Baseball Gloves, Caps Visors, Suitcase Handles, Police Hat Visors Binding, Trims, Leather Shoes, Saddles, Safety Harness, Filters, Footwear, Car Upholstery, Marine Upholstery, Furniture Upholstery, Polyester Lifting Slings, Safety Belts, Military Belts, Golf Bags, Softball Bags, Backpacks, Cargo Straps, Industrial Bags, Industrial Safety Products, Leather Belts, Tire Covers and Chairs Border etc...

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Features: This single presser foot cylinder bed sole stitching machine is with large barrel shuttle hook, to stitch narrow border on soles. The narrow sewing parts are particular for stitching small borders, like soles for Shoes, Sandals and Slippers and Boots. Pneumatic presser foot is available as an option, Presser foot can be lifted up to 20mm for stitching extremely thick materials, movement of the presser foot can be identified free working space is 320mm suitable for large items also. This machine is capable of intermediate ruffling works as desired by changing the amount of upper feeding against lower feeding, Amount of the feeding ratio between upper feed and lower feed can easily be changed to obtain intermediate ruffling stitches, Various kinds of ruffling or fold edge moccasin or open edge moccasin stitches can be performed. Tape binder for binding heavy material is available on shoes, bags and toys, etc...

So this machine is mainly used for sole border stitching, for overlapping tubular genuine moccasins, for ruffling work and tape binding finish for heavy materials such shoes upper, sandals and slippers, suitcases, luggage, furniture upholstery, ski boots, hand bags made in soft leather, knapsacks, leather shoes, sports and camping equipment and other leather goods.

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Model NO.:


Max. Sewing Speed:


Operating Space:


Stitch Length:


Presser Foot Lift:


Diameter of Cylinder:


Needle Type:

 DYx3 794H



Needle Bar Stroke:


Presser Foot:

 Walking Foot

Feed System:

 Top and Bottom Feed

KINGLEAD Cylinder Bed Shoes Sole Border Stitching Sewing Machine

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