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Machine Classification Of Sewing Machines

Jan 26, 2018

Sewing Machine Classification Method is many, more common is according to the line trace and uses distinguishes. The line traces of sewing machines can be classified into two types, lock-type and chain-type lines. The most common is the lock line, which consists of two stitches, which are interwoven with each other like a thread, and the interlaced points are in the middle of the sewing material. From the cross section of the trace, the two stitches are locked like two locks, so they are called lock-type traces. This trace is used in a small shrinkage of cotton, wool fabric or leather, such as sewing materials, the front and back of the same shape, like a dotted line. The line traces are dense and the stitching is generally more fastness than manual sewing.

Chain Stitch is formed by the thread loop of the suture, which is commonly used in single line chain, double line chain type and three-wire stitch. This kind of trace is characterized by its elasticity, which can be scaled together with the sewing material without breaking the suture, which is suitable for the garments of the line-made elastic fabric or the easy loose products such as sewing.

In addition, the sewing machine according to the use can be divided into household, industrial, service industry with machines, according to the driving form can also be divided into hand sewing machine, foot sewing machine, electric sewing machine