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How To Identify The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Common Sewing Machine Parts

Jan 26, 2018

Everyone in the daily use of sewing machines at the same time has not been concerned about the quality of sewing machine parts in Anhui province, I think we should not attach importance to, unless there are some small problems such as the use of inflexible, parts of the weak and other reasons such as the emergence of sewing machine spare parts will take into account the

1. Sewing machine parts of the needle plate and send Bougat are double row, the second half of the force is larger, the operator in the use of a sewing machine withinverted feed wrench for the inverted feeding operation, it is easy to inject. If there is an injection phenomenon, the needle board will collapse, such as the use of good quality needle plate is not easy to appear this phenomenon. Test method: Use Luo silk knife put on the needle to send cloth in the groove, and sway around, carefully observe whether the force deformation, such as deformation is inferior.