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Fully Automatic Formwork Sewing Machine, Talk About Its History

Jan 26, 2018

We know that the development of the template sewing machine mainly has three stages, namely: manual phase, semi-automatic stage, fully automatic stage and so on three stages, below we go to understand.

Template Sewing Machine

The first stage, Manual template sewing Machine: Mainly uses the specialized template to use the press foot, the needle plate to the sewing machine two times to improve, may use the template to sew better;

Second stage, semi-automatic template sewing machine: Is the combination of the use of clothing template technology and efficient production of semi-automatic sewing equipment, mainly in the long arm machine, longer arm and Operation template application more flexible;

The third stage, fully automatic template sewing machine: is the combination of garment template CAD software, clothing template and advanced numerical control technology for automatic application of template production, improve production efficiency and product quality, reduce technical workers technical requirements.