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Common Sense For Daily Maintenance Of Sewing Machines

Jan 26, 2018

1, maintenance of the first step is "cleaning", cleaning is the key (try to clean once a day)

What has to be paid attention to when using a heavy machine Juki industrial sewing machine? That's "sweep." If you can do daily maintenance of sewing machines, can not make dust, thread accumulation, failure will not occur, can make the machine in a very good state to be used.

Also, in the cleaning machine, you can also find some anomalies. In the repair of the machine's malfunction, most of the reasons are caused by the accumulation of dust or thread.

Not only to ensure clean cleaning of sewing machines, but also to detect anomalies. Maintenance is essential for cleaning.

Of course, there is no need to make the needle rod and the upper curved needle shaft surface a little oil. Just remove the dust and gently wipe it enough. For parts with complex shapes, dust can be easily removed using a used toothbrush for cleaning. Also, some of the more sharp parts of the sewing machine, in the cleaning process, should be very careful not to hurt.

The key parts of the sweep

For sewing machines, it is not just to make it fail, but to ensure the quality of sewing, there are 5 most important places. For these places, if you can clean them thoroughly, you can sew beautiful stitches. These places are cleaned in order and are recommended for cleaning once a week.

① Machine needle needle around (wipe needle rod)

Around the ② (Photo 3 sweep around the shuttle)/bend the needle around (sweeping around the bend stitch)

③ Tangent cutter (Chebche knife) (Tangent mechanism cleaning)

④ Oil pan (cleaning)

⑤ overall wipe (including machine) wipe, sweep

※ Different kinds of machines, different shapes and important cleaning places are the same.

2, maintenance and maintenance of the second step is "lubrication", lubrication is the guarantee (try to lubricate once a day)

A, heavy machine Juki industrial sewing Machine rotary spindle oil supply regulation method (must turn off the power)

Through this oil regulation screw, adjust the confirmed oil quantity method, as follows. (For a detailed description of the adjustment method, please refer to the installation instructions for the sewing machine.) )

1, lift up the foot, let the spinning spindle idling for more than 30 seconds.

2. The test paper, such as copy paper, is placed under the spinning spindle every 5 seconds. Please do not let the paper move in the determination. Also, please be careful not to let your fingers touch the spinning spindle at high speed.

3, this time the paper will leave a line-like traces of oil. Depending on the width of the oil, it is reasonable to determine the oil content.

The width of the oil trace is normal within 1 乣 of 2 mm. According to the different sewing products, oil volume will be increased or decreased, but if the reduction is too much, in the machine high-speed operation sewing, the shuttle will scorch, this is important to note. Click to open the original image

b, on the lower shaft fixed screw oil core

When the adjustment screws can not adjust the amount of oil, it is possible that garbage, such as blocking the lower shaft fixed screw oil core. You need to remove the shuttle, clean the oil core or replace the new product. In addition, due to the lower shaft fixed screw material is relatively soft, please note when installing.

C, the head oil quantity adjustment

The amount of oil in the face is generally not adjusted. However, in the case of less oil in the nose or more serious oil precipitation, please follow the following sequence to adjust. Remove the panel and rotate the oil adjustment pins on the upper shaft to adjust the oil quantity.

This part is not a screw, but a pin, which can be rotated.

When the face oil does not come out, it may be from the pump to the face of the oil supply device problems. In addition, if the surface of the face of oil precipitation too much, it may be from the face to the circulation pump circulation mechanism problems.