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Cleaning Methods For Sewing Machines

Jan 26, 2018

(1) Cleaning the cloth: remove the screws between the needle plate and the Bougat, remove the Bumau, dust, and add a small amount of sewing machine oil.

(2) Shuttle bed cleaning: Shuttle bed is the core of sewing machine work, but also the most prone to failure of the place, so often to remove dirt and add a small amount of sewing machine oil.

(3) Cleaning of other parts: the surface of the sewing machine and all parts of the panel should be cleaned regularly and kept clean.

Lubrication method of the sewing machine:

(1) Refueling site: The various oil holes on the head, lubrication on the upper axle and the parts connected by the upper axle, the parts in the panel and the movable parts connected by the parts, the lubricating pressure 脚杆 and the needle rod and the connected parts, and the lower parts of the machine board are wiped clean and the oil is less.

(2) Maintenance of sewing machine should be noted: After the work, the needle inserted into the pinhole board, lift the foot, but also to use the hood cover nose, in case of dust intrusion, start work, first check the main parts, step up the severity of the situation, there is no special sound, machine needle is normal, and so on, such as abnormal phenomenon, should be timely overhaul The machine is used for a considerable period of time, to carry out a major overhaul, such as found wear larger parts, to replace the new.