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Which is better for household sewing machines and industrial sewing machines

Aug 27, 2018

1, the type of sewing machine should be determined according to the requirements of each individual. If there are higher requirements for stitches and patterns, such as attention to new clothing and patterns of users, can consider the choice of multi-functional electric sewing machine.

2, we should choose from four aspects: listening, watching, checking and trying.

(1) Listen to the sound of the motor and the parts in the machine when they are running in idling or with load respectively. The sound should be uniform, stable and soft, and irregular noise and abnormal sound should not be allowed. _in slow, medium and high speed respectively to see the movement of the needle rod, each component should be uniform and flexible to move back and forth.

(2)The coordination of each part of the machine should be tightly touched and pressed by hand with relatively moving parts, not loose, nor movement jam phenomenon.

(3)Put on the thread when trying out and sew the thread with different patterns with different thickness of cloth. It should be neat and uniform, no jumping thread and needle jumping phenomenon. Adjustment should be flexible, uniform and convenient.