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What's good for leather sewing machines(1)

Aug 29, 2018

    Leather sewing machine, the industry is referred to as high car, high head car, a more complete statement should be: (extreme / medium) thick materials with a single needle barrel (arm) industrial sewing machine. Different uses, different manufacturers, different models, there will also be differences, these key parameters, need to be clear before the purchase. For what purpose? What materials are processed?

    Because the barrel arm sewing machine has a problem of the length and diameter of the barrel arm, according to the size of the barrel arm diameter will generally be divided into small mouth high car, and big mouth high car, small mouth high car barrel diameter is generally about 50 mm or less. According to the thickness and hardness of the processing material, the thickness of the machine (the thickness of good sewing) and the power including feeding capacity, stability, needle and thread requirements are different, which can be divided into medium and heavy material sewing machine, and very thick material sewing machine.

    Several kinds of works are commonly found in leather products, such as wallets, handbags, bags, shoes, belts, harnesses, etc. Wallets, handbags, and even knapsacks of complex structures, Wukong's current understanding is that their single-layer leather thickness is generally less than 2.5mm, in terms of industrial sewing machine design, such products should be included in the (ordinary) medium-thick material sewing machine coverage. Extremely thick material sewing machines are used only for shoes, belts, harnesses, and even some sophisticated leather furniture. A brief summary of the difference between medium and heavy material sewing machines and extremely thick material sewing machines and the main points of their purchase: extremely thick material sewing machines are designed for very rare heavy materials, and the design of needles and threads and the machine as a whole takes extremely thick materials as the main scenes - big mouth shuttle thick thread, very thick thread, large size needle plate pin feeding teeth, if extremely thick material is not available Commonly used and non essential, then purchase can not be considered. On the contrary, the medium-thick material sewing machine is a small mouth (double large) spindle medium-thick thread medium-sized machine needle and relatively small two fine stable pin-plate pressure foot feeding teeth.