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The significance of sewing machine using wire rack

Aug 24, 2018

For the correct line tension, it is necessary to choose the appropriate wire rack.

1, the purpose of using wire rack.

In order to release the large axis easily and without obstacles. The height of the frame is about 40 cm, which is the smallest reasonable release height of the pagoda line. If it is lower, friction will occur, resulting in natural tension of the surface line, which will lead to a series of problems.

2, usage.

Assemble the rack and put it on the right side of the sewing machine. Do not block anything.

Pull the spool sleeve on the short rod, pull out the wire head, through the metal wire hook, high and vertical lifting, in the machine pulled to the left.

Be careful not to have any entanglement.

It doesn't matter who's in front or behind the spool, but it's on the right side of the machine, or behind the right side.