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The maintenance of sewing machines

Aug 14, 2018

Sewing machine equipment is the key to maintenance and maintenance during use. In order to improve the efficiency of the sewing machine, it is necessary to clean up the work every day.

Sewing machines are dealing with materials all day long, dust and wear are inevitable, so regular cleaning is carried out. This cleaning time is best done every day. While cleaning the machine, some anomalies can also be found. Most of the repairs to machine failures are caused by dust or wire buildup.

The most common anomalies occur during the cleanup process. At this time, the Sewing machine must be maintained. Of course, there is no need to make the needle bar and the surface of the upper looper shaft oily. As long as the dust is removed, a light wipe is sufficient. For parts with complex shapes, use a used toothbrush with a Heddock filter for easy dust removal. Also, some of the sharper parts of the sewing machine should be taken care of during the cleaning process and should not be injured.