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The basic knowledge of manual sewing to operate the correct posture of sewing machine

Jan 26, 2018

Beginners in the operation of sewing machines, the first to develop the correct posture, so that the rate of sewing out of the garment is higher, sewing faster, but also to avoid long-term sitting in front of the sewing machine caused by excessive fatigue.

Body Posture: Adjust the position of the seat, sit down, the hands can easily operate the sewing machine, while the forefoot can easily step on the sewing machine Pedal board. Keep the upper body upright, with the sewing machine to keep a punch around the distance, in the course of operation, the shoulders remain relaxed, do not make the muscles in a tense state.

Leg posture: The center of gravity slightly forward, the feet remain free to move the state, heel on the floor, forefoot foot in the middle of the sewing machine pedal.

Hand posture: hand and needle to maintain a distance of 5 to 10 centimeters, pay attention to the right hand do not put in the pressure of the foot of the line, sewing clothes, with the hand gently press the cloth, and slowly forward delivery. For some narrow cloth edges, if you cannot press with your hand, you can use an awl instead.