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Structure and principle of lockstitch sewing machine

Jan 26, 2018
The Lockstitch sewing machine consists of a head, a plate and a frame. 400W clutch motor installed in the bottom of the plate, the transmission wheel and the head of the upper whorl with triangular tape connection, step down the pedal on the rack, control the clutch tightness degree, you can get different sewing speed. Typical high-speed lockstitch sewing machine Head structure as shown in Fig. 1. The nose is made of barbed cloth, pick line, hook line mechanism to complete the double line lock line, by the needle distance adjustment, automatic feeding and inverted joint mechanism can be set needle distance, continuous line seam, by the seam pressure and suture tension adjustment and release device to improve the track and seam. In order to adapt to the high speed operation of spindle 6000r/min and shuttle shaft 12000r/min, the head is equipped with the impeller pump of oil supply and the plunger pump of oil suction to lubricate the moving members. A sewing machine completes a lock-type track of the process is: first in the seam material perforation will be needle and thread over the seam material; then make it to bypass the shuttle line under the seam, and the sewing thread and the shuttle line interweave each other to tighten in the seam material, finally put the sewing material forward or after moving a certain distance, in the new position again perforation, lead ... After the second process is finished, a trace is completed.