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Some common problems in sewing machines

Jan 26, 2018

①Irregular movement of  cloth

In the process of sewing cloth, there are some irregular phenomena, such as uneven movement velocity and short length of stitch. Material walking all rely on the delivery of Bougat and pressure feet to transport forward, so when the material appears above irregular movement, it can be concluded that the teeth and presser foot failure or improper pressure adjustment. For example, the pressure on the foot is too small. If the cloth is pressed tightly, it will cause irregular walking. At this point, just push the pressure screw downward to press the cloth. The pressed foot is too high to press the lining, which will cause the material to move around arbitrarily, or do not walk at all, adjust the first press foot wrench lift, loose guidance rack screws, and then the pressure 脚杆 from the top down, so that the pressure pin and the distance between the needle plate adjustment to 7-8 mm height, then tighten the screws, and then drive to use.

There is also a reason, because the tooth screws loose, the movement caused the teeth to sway around, so that the material can not be regularly moved forward. The solution is to remove the pin plate. Tighten two teeth screws. Tighten the needle plate to install well, check the teeth on both sides, whether one and the edge of the needle plate groove friction, if there is friction, will cause noise and machine heavy phenomenon, then only then remove the needle plate, loosen the teeth screws, the tooth position adjustment to the middle of the needle plate groove, tighten the teeth screws, and then put the needle plate.

② material does not go forward

The material is moved around by the teeth. When there is no material to walk around, only the teeth to find fault. If the tooth position is too low, the cloth will not move forward. Adjust the nose first, will lift teeth crank screw release, and then the tooth frame with a screwdriver gently lift, so send Bougat to. The needle plate is exposed to 0.8-1 mm. is the standard size of the teeth, as long as the adjustment to this position, the cloth can walk normally. Finally tighten the screws. When you screw the screws.

③ material to go back and forth

When sewing material, often there will be material to walk back and forth, that is, step forward, and back to a step of the phenomenon. This is due to send Bougat too high, the teeth exposed to the plane of the needle plate too much, teeth always exposed to the outside of the needle board reciprocating movement, causing material to walk back and forth. Adjust the lifting teeth crank screws loose, the teeth with a screwdriver downward light pressure, so that the delivery of cloth teeth down to the standard height, that is, teeth exposed needle plate 0.8-1 mm size, and then tighten the crank screws.