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Electronic Pattern Sewing Machine four sewing high quality

Jan 26, 2018

Talking about the wide use of electronic pattern sewing machines, and its advantages have a great relationship, then we take a look at four advantages:

1, high degree of automation, easy to operate: the user in the test machine, must be debugged mechanical and electrical integration of the automatic function, to see whether it can automatically complete the set of sewing work. such as laser or infrared coating positioning, automatic seam, thickness seam tension automatic adjustment, automatic transmission, automatic torque, automatic cutting line, automatic needle, man-machine conversation user programming, sewing process automatic tracking and so on.

2, with low noise, low vibration design. Mechanical and electrical integration pattern machine Applied computer anatomy, from the structure of the shell to each part of the small parts of the implementation of the optimization design, which, in daily work, it can maximize the suppression of noise and vibration. In addition, this kind of machine in the design of the head to achieve the best balance, the shaft and the lower shaft transmission through the synchronous toothed belt transmission, so that the noise has a significant reduction, to achieve low vibration, low noise work.

3, with clean and environmental performance: usually in the mechanical and electrical integration of the design process, designers have emphasized the machine's clean, no dirty sewing, through the design of the machine Head of the pattern so that the needle rod, pick rod and the rotation around the shuttle does not use oil, to achieve clean sewing. Therefore, when the user chooses the machine, must repeatedly test the machine, the determination it does not bring the oil dirt to the cloth and the sewing material in the work.

4, the electronic Pattern sewing machine has the stability: Because uses the electronic or the computer control system, therefore, the mechanical and electrical integration of the machine in the highest speed, sewing stability, especially the seam, including whether the line is good, whether soft, stable, there is no jump needle, disconnection, wrinkle and so on have excellent performance. Therefore, if the machine is found to have adverse reactions in this regard, do not buy.