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Double stitch help face sewing machine speed up will win Tan sewing machine

Jan 26, 2018

There are many kinds of sewing machine, but the most common is a single needle sewing machine, today we come to know about the two-pin sewing machine, see what it has advantages. First of all, the advantage of the double needle sewing machine is that the sewing two-wire is more beautiful and strong than the one-needle sewing machine, and it is more efficient than the sewing machine. If the double stitch helps the sewing machine to be able to increase the speed some more, then the better.

Today, double needle sewing machine in the design of new models and research and development, do a lot of work for sewing industry to provide more quality products, but also to ensure the quality of the product is excellent, because the product can give the most stable sewing.

Double-needle sewing machine can be used in one line and double line, just add vertical spindle spindle on the basis of single needle sewing machine. The vertical spindle and the movable shaft, which comprise a vertical spin spindle frame, are arranged by two mutually perpendicular and with the bevel gear shaft and the spindle bevel gear at the bottom of the nose to match the drive mechanism, plus the double hole clamp needle, Two-groove pressure feet and other components.

This modified double needle sewing machine needle structure is suitable for sewing high speed sewing task, and low production cost, lower cost, easy adjustment, two-pin line spacing can be adjusted arbitrarily. I guarantee the speed of the same time also guarantee the application effect.