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Chain Type Sewing machine-Simple knowledge introduction

Jan 26, 2018

In fact, we are not difficult to find some plastic bags at the end of the stitches, or needle, or needle-skipping phenomenon, it is easy to produce leaky packets. Therefore, in the case of sufficient strength of the woven fabric, the main factors affecting the suture strength should also be noted:

The strength of the sewing thread depends on the type of line (cotton, polyester line), the thickness of the line (line density), the number of strands (twist and twist of the line).

The needle spacing was too large, the suture strength decreased, the needle distance was too small, the puncture wound was woven, and the strength decreased.

Suture line of the shape of the chain, single or double line, the tightness of the sleeve can be opened from one end.

Stitching stitching way, stitching method has roll edge, folding edge, Package edge, lap, etc., including the width of the edge, fold width, width and method of the package, lap and method, suture line to the end of the distance and so on.

suture, the line trace should be flat, can not drop, needle, needle, not sewn up and so on the edge of the defect, the needle spacing should be even, suture after the disconnection should leave more than 50mm thread, to prevent chain-type line traces off.